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Monday, June 14, 2010

I am now through the 100 mile wilderness and have just eaten a large pizza, a pint of ice cream and a killer AYCE breakfast(3 pancakes 3 eggs 6 strips of bacon 8 sausage links and 3 cups of home fries) at Shaw's since we got in last night. My caloric intake has doubled already and I've still lost noticable weight. Crawford's going to be skinny! It's back in the woods for another 10 days or so in Maine. Doing great so far! Thanks so much for the good thoughts and I'll see you sooner than you think...


  1. I love hearing your adventures. Wish I were in Maine, too!


  2. Yea! Glad to hear it's going well.Kim sends her love, and we all miss you on the dance floor.

  3. Hey dear,
    It sounds terrific! I wish I were there with you guys. Diddo on what Allen said. I miss dancing with you.
    Should I assume that the next post office you'll check at will be Mount Washington, NH? It's the next one that isn't a few or more miles off the trail. I have a postcard to send! And probably, by the time you respond and I send the first one off, I'll want to write another. Yay, snail mail!

    Keep posting; it's wonderful to hear your voice, in whatever capacity...