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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hi friends,
So, I'm assuming most of you are aware that I've finished. If you're not than you probably don't understand the basic meaning of the word, 'done'. There will be more specific updates about the last few hundred miles and some general reflections about my Appalachian Odyssey; But for now, I'll leave you with what I'm up to:

Saturday, November 6th saw Troop 74, my parents and brother, Djangle and I summit Springer Mountain, thus completing my 159 day journey from Maine to Georgia. We had high hopes of getting the infamous Super-Stack Heart Attack Burger at The Vortex in Little 5 Points. Unfortunately for us, if you attempt to get a table for 11 at 7PM on a Saturday night, the wait is 2 hours, so we called it off and went to 6 Feet Under instead, which turned out to be awesome. The only disappointment being the fact that they didn't have a burger that involved 10 strips of bacon. One day, Super-Stack, one day.

Since that night, I've been staying with my parents in Atlanta and being generally productive. I'm going to post pictures and videos to Facebook and Photobucket and send some thank-yous soon, but there are 979 of the former (after winnowing out the bad ones) and about 75 of the latter to send, so it may take me a little bit.

Family Thanksgiving at the beach next week, then it's back to Asheville! Dan and Jael have been so kind as to offer me (at least temporary) employment back at the ChoLo. So starting the following week I'll be back there doing delicious things with delicious chocolate. It's about time for the Chocolate Lounge to have a smelly, bedreaded employee again. I'm looking for a place to live at the moment and have a few really promising leads. Thanks to my wonderful friends for being so helpful!

Never before have I felt so confident and motivated; I can't wait to return home to share the season - which will be my bon hiver- with my beloved Asheville family and begin work on a HUGE project (more on this later, too.)

For now: a big, general 'Thank You' to everyone who followed and supported me on this crazy walkabout, and I hope you are all well!



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