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Sunday, April 18, 2010


I intend to hike the Appalachian Trail. Nothing more. There are innumerable desirable side-effects that I could wish for but I have no high hopes. It'd be a shame if pursuing something kept me from walking these 2,179.1 miles with acuity and an open mind. So, as it stands I have one goal: hike the AT. This hike is for me. I hope you don't take offense if I'm not available during the next 6 months. I'm isolating myself from the world-at-large to a huge degree, so it seemed right to further that trend rather than fight it. The opportunities that will present themselves are endless and I look forward to being occupied with only the most important for that time. I strive for simplicity on the trail, so I'm leaving a lot behind. I'm giving a lot away because I hope to live more simply upon my return to Asheville. Which, by the way, should be before Dec. 1st.

Stay Tuned

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